Scooby-Doo Review: All 42 Movies Ranked (1979-2021)

I’ve spent the last month watching all 42 Scooby-Doo animated and live-action movies, so here is my expert ranking and criticism on the franchise and the characters as a whole.

Dawson’s Creek: In Too Deep

We’re back in the creek, and we got in far too deep. All six series of this sleepy melodrama are finally over and it’s really hard to decide how I feel about this rollercoaster of a series. Last time I wrote about Dawson I was of a very different mind, being only one series inContinue reading “Dawson’s Creek: In Too Deep”

Christmas Countdown Day 25: Scrooged

Yet another Christmas Carol adaptation, but this time with Bill Murray’s style of humour and a nice heaping of snark. This time the ‘Scrooge’ is instead Frank, a powerful but lonely man who needs to remember how to open himself up to others again, but these ghosts are far more aggressive than the ones youContinue reading “Christmas Countdown Day 25: Scrooged”