Christmas Countdown Day 19: Nativity 2

Mr Poppy is back with a new evil scheme, kidnapping a poor innocent teacher and his class. After rigerous grooming, Poppy forces them to try and win him a cash prize at a youth Christmas singing competition. Will David Tennant manage to keep them alive in the wilderness of Wales?

Christmas Countdown Day 17: Santa Clause 2

It turns out there’s a second rule to being Santa no one knew, the Mrs Clause! If Scott doesn’t find a wife by Christmas Eve he loses all his magic and the holiday comes to a cold bitter end. The whole gang is back, and ready for an even zanier romp than last time. SurprisinglyContinue reading “Christmas Countdown Day 17: Santa Clause 2”

Christmas Countdown Day 16: The Princess Switch: Switched Again

Normal Vanessa Hudgens and the Princess Vanessa Hudgens are finally reunited for a festive coronation, but their life isn’t perfect yet. After the last film Princess lost her romance with buff baker Kevin, so Vanessa is here to play matchmaker. Things get even more complicated when a third evil Vanessa arrives to stir trouble andContinue reading “Christmas Countdown Day 16: The Princess Switch: Switched Again”

Christmas Countdown Day 15: Bridget Jones’ Diary

Bridget Jones is a brilliant British classic, and just Christmassy enough for me to justify it being on this list. Torn between two men, Jones’ life begins to get progressively more chaotic, more than it already was at least. One seems to hate her, the other likes her but treats her terribly, who will sheContinue reading “Christmas Countdown Day 15: Bridget Jones’ Diary”

Christmas Countdown Day 14: Eight Crazy Nights

Adam Sandler manages to make maybe the worst holiday movie I’ve seen to date. Watch him simultaneously butcher Hanukkah and Christmas, in one of the most bland Happy Madison movies to date. I suppose that this at least seems to have been a passion project, it’s just terrible, that’s the only thing holding this back.Continue reading “Christmas Countdown Day 14: Eight Crazy Nights”