Christmas Countdown Day 22: Gremlins

A pet isn’t just for Christmas, and Billy just got a very special one. There are a few instructions he needs to follow though, no sunlight, no water and definitely no food after midnight. When all three happen by chance, what’s the worst that can happen? I probably should have watched Gremlins sooner, but afterContinue reading “Christmas Countdown Day 22: Gremlins”

Christmas Countdown Day 20: Christmas Chronicles 2

An angry ex-elf is looking to steal Christmas right under Santa’s nose, and only a pair of true believers are there to help a hand. Returning child Kate and new boy Jack get transported to the North Pole and join Santa in a quest to stop his rotten ways. This movie is a bit ofContinue reading “Christmas Countdown Day 20: Christmas Chronicles 2”

Christmas Countdown Day 18: A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding

Desperate to solve the economic crisis in his country, the titular Prince is neglecting his blushing bride-to-be. Can she use her journalism and restaurant experience to fix a nation’s economy? No wonder they never show married life in rom-coms. This movie shows a loveless mess of a relationship, and they haven’t even reached the weddingContinue reading “Christmas Countdown Day 18: A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding”