Christmas Countdown Day 13: Last Christmas

Emilia Clarke is a bit of a mess. Last year she nearly died from a medical issue, and sort of let her life fall apart this year as a result. Now with the help of her mysterious new friend she’s finally motivated to pull it all together, and maybe have some romance in the process.Continue reading “Christmas Countdown Day 13: Last Christmas”

Christmas Countdown Day 12: The Holiday

Two women at their breaking point need an escape from their miserable lives for the holidays, and take to the internet to organise a house swap. Things are a little more dramatic though when one is in an English village, and the other is a Hollywood advertising super-star. This movie is two movies, happening simultaneouslyContinue reading “Christmas Countdown Day 12: The Holiday”

Christmas Countdown Day 11: Love Actually

Join Hugh Grant and the gang for a festive romantic rollercoaster. Covering nine-plots simultaneously and nearly every good actor in England, there is just so much to take in for this movie. Christmas movies are often corny, and what’s more corny than a good old romantic comedy. Richard Curtis is the master of these movies.Continue reading “Christmas Countdown Day 11: Love Actually”

Christmas Countdown Day 10: Klaus

An alternate telling of the Santa Claus myth, told mostly from the perspective of a lazy postman, accidentally creating a worldwide phenomenon. While he selfishly schemes to make a large-scale mailing operation, he accidentally spreads good-will and cheer, making the world a far better place, despite his motives. This is one of those movies thatContinue reading “Christmas Countdown Day 10: Klaus”

Christmas Countdown Day 3: Nativity

Failed actor and current primary school teacher, Mr Madden, is being driven insane when his delusional teaching assistant Mr Poppy spreads a lie to the whole town. When they all expect Hollywood to appear at their school nativity play, problems begin to escalate. Can they save the show and make it up to all theContinue reading “Christmas Countdown Day 3: Nativity”