TV Researching Work

I have worked as a researcher for a variety of companies over the last three years, learning from each experience in order to develop my speed and technique.

In 2018 I was offered a multiple week placement working with the Watchdog team for BBC’s Topical and Live department. Completing all mandatory BBC training, along with carrying out extensive research tasks, auditing and much more while working with the team.

This opportunity lead to further work at Blakeway North and Ninelives Media. I also did similar work while at Ninelives Media, logging along with sitting in on edits with the team, along with acting as a helper for the Songs of Praise team.

In my time with Blakeway North I was working as a researcher with the development team. i was assisting the office with coming up with pitch ideas for potential future documentaries, along with finding case studies for programmes currently in development.

James was fantastic. Motivated, a quick worker, and intuitive to what was needed.

Willing, very bright and good standard of work.

Alison Lewis – Production Executive Blakeway North

Over the course of these placements I developed skills in:

  • Research
  • Treatment Writing
  • Case Study Selection
  • Runner Work
  • Editing Discussion
  • Working Under Non-Disclosure Agreements
  • Contacting Sources
  • Data Protection
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