James Sumner

I’m James, a 22 year old graduate from The University of Salford, and I’ve spent the last four years getting to know all I can about the Multimedia Journalism and Public Relations industries!

After graduating top of my class from BA: Journalism at Salford I decided to stay one more year to hone my skills completing a Masters in Public Relations and Digital Communication.

I have over two and a half years’ experience managing and understanding how to promote an organisation through social channels through my work in the Alumni Office of The University of Salford, and during my time at SKV Communications, where I have taken over the accounts for clients such as The British Cleaning Council. Under my management the monthly engagement and impression rates have more than tripled for across Twitter alone.

I have studied and implemented knowledge of online campaigning techniques, both through my Master of Arts in Public Relations and Digital Communications and through my various jobs. I’ve made a variety of content for numerous different stake holders and audiences, from full length video interviews, social media packages, photographic content and blogs, along with extensive press releases where I’ve sold them into media. I have been described by Managing partner of SKV Communications Andrew Spinoza to have strong writing skills, attention to detail, and the ability to sell effectively to media.

I normally manage many different projects at once, not only within my roles as an Engagement Assistant or PR Assistant, but completing two University degrees while working these jobs, graduating top of my class with the highest major project and the highest overall grade of any Journalism student in 2019. Throughout all these, I prioritised my workload effectively and have managed to deliver every project asked of me, both professionally and academically. I have demonstrated the ability to work proactively with a variety of stakeholders, understanding my differing audiences for my many different roles, being an event organisation for non-online events, interacting at work functions in order to achieve donations and support from key stakeholders.

James is a hard-working, diligent journalist whose enthusiasm and versatility was an asset. James involved himself gaining a plethora of skills.

Daniel J. McLaughlin –
Podcast producer,
Manchester Evening News

During his time with SKV Communications, James turned his hand quickly and effectively to the production of key material including press releases, media coverage reports and the compilation of lists of target media for major clients such as the Department for Education.

His writing style is clear and concise, demonstrating an ability to maximise the impact and news value of a press release by identifying the strongest angle and key messages. James was also involved in the selling-in of press releases to the media and proved to be a confident and capable communicator.

Justin Strong – Communications Consultant (SKV Communications, The Journal Newcastle)

Motivated, a quick worker, and intuitive to what was needed. Willing, very bright and he has a good standard of work.

Alison Lewis –
Production Executive, Blakeway North

James is a very bright, outgoing and creative individual who is keen to learn and very quick to soak up new skills.

I would definitely recommend James for any media based, journalism or creative work- his writing skills are impeccable and he is very knowledgable on a range of subjects.

Amber-lilly Goulden – Customer Success, Broadstone

Strong writing skills, attention to detail, and the ability to sell effectively to media.

Andrew Spinoza –
Managing Director, SKV Communications

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