Families urged to turn to pharmacists

SALFORD families could make more use of their local pharmacists to stay healthy this winter. Residents are being urged to make their community pharmacy their first port of call to get clinical advice and treatment for minor ailments. A campaign running until the end of the month is raising awareness of the help pharmacies canContinue reading “Families urged to turn to pharmacists”

Care comes closer to home with new Urgent Care Team

SALFORD CCG sees the citizens brought together to discuss upcoming health projects, including the new Urgent Care team coming to their area. With Salford’s current mental health strategy ending this year the NHS Salford CCG took the time to unveil their new list of priorities for Salford and Greater Manchester. This includes but is notContinue reading “Care comes closer to home with new Urgent Care Team”

Via Crucis leaving Peterborough Cathedral

Peterborough Cathedral is saying goodbye to the Via Crucis modern religious art exhibition by Caroline Waterlow. Caroline’s art had been shown here as part of Catholic Lenten traditions, having been shown in Peterborough since the 27th February until the 19th April, marking there final appearance to the public until early next year. This traveling exhibitionContinue reading “Via Crucis leaving Peterborough Cathedral”

Local award winning author visits Salford University

Salford University saw award winning local author Andrew Michael Hurley come to talk about creative writing to students and fans alike last Monday. The local author, and lecturer at Manchester University, gave many of his insights on creative writing, such as his own way of building up the fictional setting of his pieces by creatingContinue reading “Local award winning author visits Salford University”