“We have to be hairless, don’t we?” – The impact of porn on young people

Concerned parents and politicians are putting pressure on online pornography websites to implement strict age-identification processes, James Sumner reports. FROM July, the United Kingdom will be the first country in the world to introduce a wide-spread age-verification demand for all pornographic websites. Any site not compliant with these new guidelines, after a planned implementation period,Continue reading ““We have to be hairless, don’t we?” – The impact of porn on young people”

Aunty Donna: One of Australia’s Funniest Trios

Aunty Donna are some of the funniest lads on the web. There is a lot of junk on Youtube. In a world where thousands of videos are uploaded every second it can be hard to actually find anything worth looking at. Aunty Donna are a trio (once four) of Australian stand-up and sketch comedians, mostlyContinue reading “Aunty Donna: One of Australia’s Funniest Trios”

Captain Marvel – A really fun, one-and-done, Marvel treat.

Times up villains, Captain Marvel is here. She’s a strong independent woman who can blow up an entire alien fleet like it’s nothing. Shame we didn’t call her up for help during any of the other crisis points we’ve had in the Marvel Cinematic Universe so far.