Netflix Notification: What to watch in January

If you invest as much of your life as me on Netflix you tend to know what you like and don’t like, or Netflix’s algorithms make up your mind for you. Despite that, here’s my personal recommendations for some must see shows and films added this month.

In no particular order …

Brand New Content

Sex Education

A trio of teens make their way through the an incredibly sexually frustrated year of highschool. Meanwhile they deal with real issues with their lives and their parents.
Good solid comedy and some good serious elements throughout.

Nice to see a quality British teen comedy, especially after the Inbetweener reunion turned out to be just a talk show.

The cast is likeable and, while Eric drove me up the wall at the start, everyone really had something special about them by the end of the show. It has similar humour to comedies like Misfits, but I think isn’t the most hilarious thing ever. The real draw is the friendships between the main trio, which lands a bit better, and the character struggles are really endearing.

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A Series of Unfortunate Events (Series Three)

Three orphans desperately try to avoid being murdered or kidnapped by the evil Count Olaf, who’s after their enourmous inheritance, chasing them to the ends of the Earth.
Things get more and more difficult as their guardians continue to be killed or betray or utterly fail them. The line between good and bad is all rather blurred here.

January saw the final series of this wonderful adaptation draw to a close, so now is the perfect time to catch up!

It is by no means a one-to-one adaptation, with strange deviations all over, but as the author is involved it always feels fairly natural. If you’ve never seen it before I really think you should give it a go. There’s plenty here for book fans too, just enough is changed to make it a fresh experience, but it keeps very true most of the time. Shame they weren’t british again though. It starts to drag a little in series two, but push through and it’s a really satisfying tale.

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He’s going to be the perfect boyfriend – by force if neccesary.
Professional stalker and full time psychopath, Joe has wormed his way deep into Beck’s life and he’s rotting it to the core. Super suspenseful the entire series.

You is a really fun ride, I had no idea it would get so creepy so fast. I will advise to watch until about episode three before you decide if you like it. Episode one is peak weird and hyper-sexual, probably to tempt people to watch more, it calms down a little after that for awhile so don’t worry if that episode is upsetting off-the-bat.

The creepy stalkerish love child of Gossip Girl and American Psycho, amusing given the revelations towards the end of Gossip.

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The Good Place (Series Three)

When a sinner wakes up in heavan they know something’s not right.
When every selfish act brings her closer to hell -will she be able to become a better person in time before she’s caught?

The latest series continues into 2019. While it’s as funny as ever it’s not exactly one you can just jump in on out of the blue.

I’ve already done a big long spoiler free review of the show here, it’s a great show. I would totally understand why people wouldn’t be into the show, but everyone should give it a go, it was such a tight neat little package.

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Newly On Netflix

Always Sunny in Philadelphia (2005-2018)

If everyone on Friends was an offensive, insane, sociopathic nightmare then you may end up with Always Sunny.
Somehow they turn this into a lovable cast of total misfits.
Going from one awful situation to the next, all entirely their own fault.

I don’t really need to sell it here. Sunny speaks for itself, either you like it or you hate it. I’m firmly in the pro-sunny camp. This series may have aired last year but I’ve been waiting a long time for the amazing finale, and it did live up to the hype I’d heard from the internet.

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Swimming With Men (2018)

Facing a midlife crisis, an unhappy financial worker finds happiness in the hairy arms of a male synchronised swimming group.
Trying to find out if he’s gone off the deep end, he makes new friends and learns more about himself and his family.


Been awhile since I’ve really enjoyed sitting down and watching a film rather than a show, but this one really takes the cake. Sweet, heartwarming and based on real life events, this film is a must watch.

Who would have thought panel show icon Rob would be able to act so well, I know he did The Trip with Steve Coogan, but this is the first time it’s felt like a serious character that isn’t just himself.

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Flowers (2016)

One silly little suicide attempt spirals out of control, lies and secrets threatening to ruin Mr Flowers life and that of his family.
Deliciously dark, comedy and tragedy gold.

This show is in no way new, but if you didn’t want to buy it the only place to enjoy it was 4oD, and unless you like sitting through hundreds of ads this is probably the best way to watch it. Only series one so far, but if you like it you’ll know watching series two on 4oD is worth all the adverts.

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